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Welcome, Spartica is an international consulting &
management group dedicated to the design, planning &
development, day to day business operations, and real
estate transactions of spas, resorts, and health clubs.  We
provide services for commercial, residential, and private
customer projects.  Our clients, operations, and joint
ventures span from California to Florida, Canada to Costa
Rica, and Italy to Australia.  
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Spa Design

Spartica is a preeminent international consulting and management group specializing in spa design. We can also handle the entire life cycle of leisure industry facilities. As more
people discover the myriad of professional services that can renew the mind, body and spirit, the leisure industry is growing in popularity, affording creative business owners the
opportunity to open a variety of spas. Spartica is a full-service consulting firm, and we have worked with a wide variety of clients to bring their vision from concept to completion.

Spartica: Leaders in Spa and Leisure Facility Design
Our clients include day spas and salons, as well as spas with fitness centers and wellness centers that feature rehabilitation therapy and medicine. We have created a unique
niche for some of our top clients by incorporating fitness into more traditional day spas and true spas. We believe that as more high-end hotels offer complete wellness centers,
spas, and fitness centers, independent leisure facilities will have to develop in this direction, and our consulting teams can help them do that.
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Spa Consultants

If you are looking for world-class spa consultants, Spartica can fulfill all of your needs from concept to completion. We have advised spas, fitness centers, wellness centers, and
other leisure industry businesses around the world. Our consulting teams have members who specialize in design and development, planning and programming, business
operations, and real estate advisory.

Assemble a Team of Expert Spa Consultants
We can assemble a team for you comprised of members who have any or all of these areas of expertise. The founders of Spartica are experienced leaders from the leisure industry
with advanced degrees in business and health & leisure, as well as professional experience in marketing, advertising, customer service, and project development. We have the
resources at hand to bring in additional consulting members from all over the world, some of whom have advised leisure facilities recognized by the most esteemed leisure
associations in the world.
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Spa Management

Establishing an effective spa management team can require consultation from a firm that can devote time and expertise to your business operations and human resource needs.
Spartica is an international consulting and management group specializing in the full life cycle of businesses in the leisure industry. We have assembled spa management teams
for highly-rated spas throughout the world. We've also helped spas and wellness centers develop business plans, interior design and layout, venture capital sourcing, and service

Spartica Consultants Can Help You Bring Together a Spa Management Team
When a client brings us in to develop management practices or a management team, we can do so within the context of your entire vision. Not only do you need to find people with
the right training and experience, you need to find a team whose members' strengths balance each other and that can come together to take the initiative to improve and expand
your business, even when ownership is not present. Spartica serves directly as a contracted outsourcing option for executive management to bring our business experience and
skills to manage day-to-day operational control of spas. Let our expertise guide your vision.
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Fitness Center Design

Spartica is an international consulting and management group specializing in design and professional support for all aspects of the leisure industry. By working on a variety of
international spa and resort location projects, we've found that fitness centers (as part of more traditional spa facilities) are a niche that is ripe to be explored. To do this, we are
trying to incorporate more and more fitness services and amenities in our clients' designs. We believe that this is a unique niche that will help our clients serve a wider range of

Spartica Fitness Center Design
Spartica's approach to the design process is entirely comprehensive. We will meet with you to discuss your needs and desires, then set our team of designers and support
personnel to achieving those ends. Throughout the process we will remain in contact with you, allowing for a creative collaboration on the design that will let you make any changes
you want as the models are realized. We will help you to consider the issues of ideal traffic flow, placement of individual stations for services and amenities, and architecture.
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Health Club Consultants

Spartica is a full-service consulting agency that works exclusively on projects within the leisure industry. We have worked with a variety of spas, resorts, and health and fitness
centers in areas including facility design and planning, management, operations, and real estate advisory. Our teams of experts can help make your health club project a success
in every way.

Spartica: Among the Best in Health Club Consultants
Whether you are adding a health club to an existing facility, renovating an existing club, or starting a new facility from the ground up, Spartica can supply you with the tools and
support you'll need. In the early design phases, we will meet with you to discuss what you want to see in the finished plans. Our design team will remain in contact with you
throughout the process, allowing you make any changes you want at any time. We will help you to consider the space with an eye towards traffic flow, placement of amenities and
services, and equipment specification.
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Health Club Management

The day-to-day operation and management of a health club environment involves a myriad of complex choices. Spartica is a full service consulting firm specializing in the leisure
industry, and we can help you make the right decisions for your business. We specialize in fulfilling the needs of a diverse client base in the spa, resort, and health and fitness
industry. Let us give you the support you need to move forward and become an industry leader.

Health Club Management by Spartica, What We Can Do For You
Spartica's team of experts can assist you in virtually every aspect of business operation. We can help you to find the executives and managers you'll need to run the operation, or to
train the people you have in state-of-the-art administrative or service fields. Since a responsive customer service unit and a well-integrated human resources staff are integral parts
of a well-run business, we can help you to create them or improve an existing system. We can also provide logistical planning in the form of daily procedural guidelines, regular
operation reviews, and even employee performance reviews.
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Resort Design

More and more people are discovering the positive effects of relaxation and refreshment on their minds, bodies and energy levels. This has created an ever-widening demand for
resort facilities where short- and long-term vacationers can relax and rejuvenate. Spartica is a renowned international consulting and management group specializing in resort
design. We are a full-service firm who will work with you during every phase of planning and design to ensure that we can capture your ideas and plans for your business and make
them a reality.

Resort Design by Spartica
We believe that our clients' input is vital to the success of their resort design, and so we remain in constant contact with our clients throughout the design process. This gives the
client utter flexibility: If, at any point in the process, you want to review our progress and submit changes to the ideas or orders that we have, you can do so with no problem. This
constant contact allows for a greater flow of ideas and suggestions, and results in a better design--and ultimately, a more successful business.
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